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The best softwood in the world grows in Finnish forests. It is strong, beautiful, and durable. From this wood we make high-quality timber for use all over the world.

Isojoen Sahan laivausmerkeillä IS-SA leimatut lautojen päät.

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Starting from the forest, we tailor our timber according to the wood processing company’s needs. We supply timber whose sizing, quality, sorting, and dryness always meet your specific wishes.

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Timber from responsibly managed forests

We buy softwood for our production from sustainably managed Finnish forests. Thanks to the northern growing conditions, our sawn timber is beautiful, durable, dense-grained, and easily processable.

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A family business that puts its heart into wood


Sustainable forestry is the foundation of our operations

We buy timber exclusively from responsibly managed forests. We take the environment’s well-being and the life cycle of the forest into account at every stage of our work and we always plant new saplings in place of a felled tree.

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