We look after the environment and practice sustainable forestry

At Isojoen Saha, we purchase the wood we use from sustainably managed forests. We use 100% of the raw material.

Isojoen Saha supports sustainable forestry and a healthy environment. We work determinedly every day to reduce our environmental impact at every stage of our production.

We are proud to use wood as our raw material, as it is a renewable natural material that results in high-quality products with a long service life and a small ecological footprint.

We closely follow the relevant legislation and regulatory requirements and require the same from all our contract partners.

Timely forestry work supports the forest’s nature values

Responsible management of commercial forests does not exclude the forest’s nature values. There are many stages in the life cycle of a commercial forest:

  • sapling stand
  • young standing timber
  • mature standing timber
  • regeneration-ready forest

When a forest is ready for regeneration, it is time for a final felling and to create a new beginning for new trees. In this way, a forest’s life cycle has gone full circle, which takes almost a human lifetime. To ensure that the forest’s life span continues, timely forestry work is necessary.

Nature values and the management of commercial forests go hand in hand.

Isojoen Saha procures wood only according to orders received

Isojoen Saha procures wood from forest owners according to confirmed demand, that is, orders received. Our annual demand for raw material is approximately 300,000 m3 of sawlogs, of which about 90% are bought from private forest properties. Our Forest Department procures about 70% of the wood we use, while the remaining 30% comes from local forest management associations and forestry companies.

We take responsibility for excellent forest management

We respect the forest owners’ viewpoints on good nature management. When agreeing on a timber deal, both the seller and Isojoen Saha agree on the measures to be taken to ensure excellent forest management in the forest property in question. These measures include:

  • leaving some retention trees
  • taking valuable habitats into account
  • preserving special sites
Puuhaketta putoaa kasaan.

We utilise 100% of the by-products from wood and sawing

Wood is a renewable and versatile material that we can utilise all the way from the base to the top of the tree, and from the bark to the heartwood.

Sawing produces a lot of by-products, and we utilise them fully. They are used either as industrial raw materials or biofuel. This is how our by-products are used:

  • Our tree bark is used as fuel in the production of thermal energy.
  • The wood chips we produce are used as raw material by paper and pulp mills.
  • The sawdust we produce is used as fuel by bioenergy companies.

In the sawmill, one cubic metre of timber creates the following proportion of sawn timber, wood chips, tree bark, and sawdust:

We are committed to environmentally responsible operations

At Isojoen Saha, we have developed and follow our own environmental principles. We are also involved in the Finnish Sawmills Association’s Forest Environment Programme and have been granted certificates for our wood procurement and the quality of our sawn timber.

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