Isojoen Saha Ltd

Isojoen Saha continues the story of wood from the forest owner to the timber processing company

The Isojoen Saha sawmill is a Finnish private family business with more than 70 years of history behind it. The company has grown into a significant operator in the forest industry, purchasing timber from the forests in its neighbouring areas and producing sawn timber for wood processing companies and distributors both in Finland and abroad.

Local timber trade partner

Isojoen Saha was established in the middle of large softwood forests in Finland. The sawmill continues to source its raw material from these forests, whose owners have trusted the services of our Forest Department often for many generations.

Isojoen Saha is valued as a local timber trade partner, as we provide work for the region’s subcontracting network and always offer forest owners expert personal service.

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Private Villa in Giruliai

Architect: DO architects
Photographs: Laimonas Ciūnys, DO architects, Lunawood

Tailor of timber trusted by the most demanding customers in the world

As a producer of sawn timber, Isojoen Saha focuses on advanced customisation. We have a large customer base ranging from wood processing companies and quality conscious planing mills to timber merchants. With our wide range of sawn timber products, Isojoen Saha is able to meet the needs of them all.

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Family business

Key business figures

Key sawmill production figures

The story of our family business

Anselmi Hakamäki (pictured on the left) is the father of Isojoen Saha. He started the sawmill business in his home village of Isojoki in 1949 together with his sons Ilmari and Jussi (pictured on the right) and his son-in-law Aarne. In 70 years, sawmill technology has progressed in leaps and bounds, and there have been some incredible twists and turns along the way. Today, the company is run by the third and fourth generations of Hakamäkis.

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