The environmental principles of Isojoen Saha Ltd

Isojoen Saha Ltd produces seasoned sawn timber for the Finnish and global markets. Environmental issues are important to us and an inseparable part of the company’s business operations and practical work. We take a positive, responsible, and proactive approach to environmental protection.

Isojoen Saha Ltd closely follows the legislation and official regulations relating to its operations and requires its staff to be aware of the company’s obligations to the authorities and to comply with these. Isojoen Saha continuously maintains and develops its quality of environmental protection and works to prevent environmental degradation in accordance with the principles of continuous improvement. We develop our wood procurement by favouring logging methods that help preserve the biodiversity of forest nature, by taking landscape factors into account in planning our felling operations, and by minimising the harmful effects on the standing timber and bodies of water.

Isojoen Saha’s raw wood material procurement has been granted the Chain of Custody Certification, which traces the path of products from forests through the supply chain, proving that the timber we use is harvested only from commercial forests that meet the criteria of sustainable development. Monitoring the chain of custody makes it possible to verify the journey of the sawn timber from the forest to the completed product sold in a store. Such a product made from sawn timber can be marked with the PEFC symbol as proof of its origin.

At Isojoen Saha Ltd, we strive to use raw materials and energy more efficiently than ever and to reduce our production’s environmental load. We keep the energy consumption and environmental load resulting from timber transport as low as possible and strive for reducing them further.

Isojoen Saha Ltd keeps in regular contact with various stakeholder groups and informs them openly about the environmental effects of its operations. We reply to enquiries about the environmental effects of our products and production as soon as possible.

Our personnel understand their responsibilities, rights, and obligations regarding environmental protection.

We look after the environment and practice sustainable forestry

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