Environment Programme and certifications

Isojoen Saha is committed to responsible environmental activities and the safe quality of sawn timber

We require our partners to comply with Isojoen Saha’s environmental principles in their timber harvesting and wood procurement. We also expect all of them to strive for socially and ecologically sustainable operations. Additionally, we require our contract service providers to meet their statutory employer obligations.

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The Finnish Sawmills Association’s Forest Environment Programme

We are involved in the Finnish sawmills association’s Forest Environment Programme. The programme’s goal is to ensure that Finnish forests are healthy both now and in the future. It encourages professionals in the forest sector to work together with forest owners to increase biodiversity in forests which, in turn, will safeguard forest species’ living conditions and keep waterways clean.

PEFC forest certification

The PEFC certificate verifies that we procure wood from forests that are sustainably managed. It also ensures that nature values and wood production are in balance. This means that while practising profitable and socially sustainable commercial forestry, companies in the programme preserve forests’ cultural and recreational values. The PEFC label is given to products made of such sawn timber.

Chain of custody (CoC)

Isojoen Saha has been granted a chain of custody certificate as proof that the wood we use is only harvested from commercial forests that meet sustainable development criteria. The wood’s journey from the forest to a store shelf can also be verified. The wood’s chain of origin is certified by DNV.

Finotrol Strength Grading Certificate

A Finotrol Strength Grading Certificate (Finotrol 399-1-2023) has been granted to Isojoen Saha’s mechanical sawn timber strength grading.

CE marking of structural timber

The CE marking granted to our structural timber proves that the characteristics of our building products conform with the harmonised European product standard or European Technical Assessment. Our sawn timber meets the requirements of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and the essential health and safety requirements.

We look after the environment and practice sustainable forestry

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